SVBA Fall 2023 Season

The SVBA Fall 2023 Volleyball season is starting. It will be held at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) from Monday August 21st through December 7th.

Here is the list of Team#, Team Name, and Captain for each team in all of the divisions.

Regular Season Standings:
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1

Regular Season Detail Results:
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Regular Season Schedules:
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1, ALL (html)
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1, ALL (text)
ALL by Team (html)
ALL by Team (text)

mailing list

Summer Grass VB

Grass volleyball starts Wednesday, June 7, 2023, at the southwest corner of Hardin Field. Play will run Wed evenings through the summer from about 5:30pm to sundown. All levels and anyone with base access are welcome to attend.

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free agents

SVBA Free Agents:

Players looking for teams or teams looking for players should contact our VP and free agent coordinator, Matthew Curry ( Matthew can also provide general league information.

past seasons

• 2023 Spring
• 2022 Fall
• 2020 Spring
• 2019 Spring, Fall
• 2018 Winter, Fall
• 2017 Winter, Fall
• 2016 Winter, Fall
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Recent Updates:

• 2023-09-25 : Moved the match on 10/12 at 8pm [A02 Big Digs (J) vs A03 E3 18 Blue (J)] to 10/20 at 6:30pm [A02 Big Digs vs A06 Killer Tomatoes] and vice-versa.

• 2023-09-22 : added week#04 results. Corrected the week#01 result between [A03 E3 18 Blue (J) vs A07 Spartacus (J)]. Corrected the week#03 result between [L03 Hit N Miss (S) vs L06 Orville Ready Blockers]. Moved the match on 10/19 at 7pm [U03 - Hits and Giggles vs U06 - Re:Set] to 10/12 at 9pm [U05 - Pineapple Express vs U07- Servivors] and vice-versa.

• 2023-09-09 : added week#03 results.

• 2023-09-06 : added week#02 results.

• 2023-08-28 : added week#01 results.

• 2023-08-18 : Added the full schedules for the SVBA Fall 2023 season.

• 2023-08-02 : Added info on the upcoming SVBA Fall 2023 season.


• 2023-07-31 : Updated the SVBA Rules document.

• 2023-06-07 : Added Summer grass volleyball announcement.


• 2022-12-22 : Updated the SVBA Rules and JCC Team Roster documents.