SVBA Spring 2024 Season

The SVBA Spring 2024 Volleyball season is about to start. It will be held at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) from Monday January 29th through mid-May.

Here is the list of Team ID, Team Name, and Captain for each team in each of the divisions.

Tournament Brackets:
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1

Tournament Schedules:
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1, ALL (html)
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1, ALL (text)

Tournament Detailed Results:
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1, by Date

Regular Season Standings:
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1

Regular Season Detail Results:
by Week, by Team

Regular Season Schedules:
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1, ALL (html)
L5, L4, L3b, L3a, L2, L1, ALL (text)
ALL by Team (html)
ALL by Team (text)

mailing list

SVBA Mailing List:

To subscribe or unsubscribe from our email distribution, please contact Nat Brown (

free agents

SVBA Free Agents:

Players looking for teams or teams looking for players should contact our VP and free agent coordinator, Jazmin Pedroza ( Alternatively, you can contact Matthew Curry ( Both can also provide general league information.

past seasons

• 2023 Spring, Fall
• 2022 Fall
• 2020 Spring
• 2019 Spring, Fall
• 2018 Winter, Fall
• 2017 Winter, Fall
• 2016 Winter, Fall
• Click here to see older Past Seasons.


Recent Updates:

• 2024-04-20 : added remaining week#12 results. Also updated the tournament schedules and brackets for L1 and L4 as they now have final seedings. Lastly, processed tourney results from Thu 4/18.

• 2024-04-16 : added week#11 results. Also added week#12 Mon 4/15 results. Also posted the tournament schedules and brackets (note: only L2 and L5 have final seedings currently; tourney play begins for these 2 divisions THIS THURSDAY).

• 2024-04-08 : added week#10 results. Also, corrected the week#07 3/11 match results between Block Party and Jugger Nots.

• 2024-04-01 : added week#09 results.

• 2024-03-28 : Made numerous changes to the Schedules for L1, L3a, and L3b to handle the gym closure of 3/25, plus some match moves to avoid double forfeits in L3a.

• 2024-03-25 : added week#08 results.

• 2024-03-17 : added week#07 results.

• 2024-01-09 : Added the Season Announcement for the SVBA Spring 2024 Season.

• 2023-12-08 : The SVBA Fall 2023 Tournament is now over.


• 2023-07-31 : Updated the SVBA Rules document.